It was a cold winter night in. Wait wait it was in the summertime. It all started on a hot summer day in Michigan. This is when I realized dragging garden hoses around my yard wasn't my idea of fun.

I personally like living the American dream. I try and find the easiest way to do it whenever I can.

 Our neighbor has a green lawn that I may be envious of. I wanted my lawn to be green too. The thousands and thousands of dollars we'd have to spend to get a professional irrigation system was just not in our budget and dragging around hoses and sprinklers all day was a pain in my backside. On this sunny steamy hot day I went shopping and I spent a day trying to figure out what parts I needed to install my own irrigation system. After, numerous times back an forth to the hardware store I ended up spending all weekend and still hadn't installed a single sprinkler. I was frustrated heck I was furious I hadn't got anything done. Still a lot of work to do and I'm pretty sure I have to go to the store at least one more time. I realized I'm not the only one that wants a plush green lawn and have issues opening the wallet for thousands of dollars to fly away. So being a problem solver that I am I knew there had to be an easier way and I'm gonna figure it out. I decided to make it easier on all of you by researching all the irrigation products on the market and finding what would work together to keep it affordable. The best products to get the job done, simplify the process and box it all up for you to click and buy. That was my goal and that is what this website is all about. Instructions and how to videos are included and you can get it installed in a day. (soil density and weather may be a factor in time frame) If you want to hire a landscape company or your neighbor to install it for you, it should only cost a few hundred dollars not thousands. I'm proud to say our irrigation kits are made up of the best irrigation products on the market today.